Replica State License Plates Up to 75 Years Back

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Hollywood’s only creator of replica license plates for the last 29 years now offers their services to you. Lost or damaged older plates ruining the look of your restored car? Here’s your $27.95 solution. Only now we also manufacture original issue plates going back to 1910. Please read all about them!"

Aug 2, 2010 (Press Release) — It had to happen sooner or later. Too long now car collectors and car buffs have suffered from not being able to crown their glory with period license plates. Millions have lost their front plate or own a historic vehicle with faded or damaged plates. And still others want that special plate that describes their pride and joy. Some just want to get out of a fix-it ticket. While many are purists insist on the real deal original for a replacement. CR8APL8 now address all of those solutions for everyone.

The problem was and still is that when a State comes out with a new issue, that’s it for the old one. All the blanks that they have are tossed out and it’s your tough luck trying to get a replacement. Thus a replacement from them is not going to happen. We at CR8APL8 have been buying the left over blanks for years now in all the states.

So it isn’t a problem any more. High-quality replica plates – with accurately detailed artwork including mostly original fonts are used ““ and are now available to the public for the first time at A Hollywood TV and movie plate supplier for 29 years, we’ve now been making them for the public with an overwhelming response. CAUTION. We are not the DMV or have any relationship whatever with them. We make 3 types of plates for any and all concerned. We sell an entry plastic version for those on a budget or desire to hang in their office or give as a gift for $27.95. We have a beautiful 30 gauge metal with 3D graphic letters for show cars and replacements for $49.95. And we have the original issue state plate blanks from 1985 on back to 1910 (most any way) that range from $160 through $190 (size matters). If you’ve seen what they are getting on eBay for a set of clear plates, it’s as high as $600.00 for a set. So for $160.00 each plate, we’re the greatest deal around. Actually, the ONLY deal around. True, we manufacture them in Costa Rica to avoid any potential problems since it is not legal to make raised lettered metal plates in America, but that’s not your concern. Only that now, it’s problem solved.

Plastic plates are standard size, 6″ X 12″ with raised letters … and look close enough to the originals. From a foot and a half away you can’t tell the difference. So busy is that we now run three shifts, 24/7 to keep up with the demand. These plastic plates are 65% of our business and service your need for a quick and dirty and also inexpensive solution.

DMVs across the nation refer hopeful enthusiasts with damaged or missing plates to the Internet (our site pops up because you won’t find any one else) as the only alternative to their plight. In the 29 years we have been in business, has helped tens of thousands with their problem. In all 50 States, metal, tin, and aluminum license plates are illegal to manufacture, so in cooperation with the DMVs and laws, we”˜ve come up with this lightweight re enforced plastic that won’t crack from the winter cold or melt in the summer heat, which gets the task done nicely. We use a UV silkscreen ink, so no paint at all is used on these replicas. This ink not only puts an unqualified luster on the plate and letters but the license plate actually gets brighter in definition as the sun gets to it – which means that your replica plate from has a longer shelf life. However that is only the beginning ““ there’s plenty more.

So now, no matter whether you want a Starsky and Hutch, 537 0NN, a Mayberry RFD JL-327, or a 1964 Illinois plate, The MAD Greek at can make one for you. The site shows about 200 examples and we are so cool that after you order one, we send you a jpg image for verification that you can save to your computer and use for stationary … or whatever. Price? A phenomenally low $27.95 and you can’t beat that for something that doesn’t exist anywhere else. Remember that we do also make them in metal for $49.95 with sizes up to 13.5″ long. Also we make the real deal originals at $160 – $190. Get yours today at As in CR8 (CREATE) A (A) PL8 (PLATE)… or e-mail the MAD Greek at [email protected] for real originals because we don’t advertise them on our web sites. If you should ever forget us ““ just search out Hemming’s online and you’ll find us.

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