FLASHBACK Watch a Classic 1996 Dually Shootout

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It’s easy to get caught up in the truck wars that are currently going on. Ford’s F-450 makes 860 lb-ft of torque, so Ram had to one-up them by offering a truck with 865 lb-ft. Both of those trucks are capable of pulling 30,000 pounds or more (if you have a CDL). It’s hard to believe how much has changed.

In 1996, Jon Davis and the crew of MotorWeek gathered the three duallys of the day for a shootout. The extended-cab F-350 features the PowerStroke diesel V8, and was actually the first time MotorWeek had driven it for a long-term test.


The Chevrolet C3500 was powered by a 454 cu/in V8, and the Dodge Ram had a V10 that was a derivative of what appeared in the Viper. All had big engines, but back in the day towing numbers weren’t that big.

In fact, the Ram 3500 was the highest tow rated at 13,300 pounds. The F-350 dually with the PowerStroke could tow 12,500 pounds.

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For comparison, a new 2015 Ford F-150, when properly-equipped, can tow 12,200 pounds. That tow rating is also SAE J2807 certified, which the old vehicles can’t claim.


The Ram 3500 in this review is the newest design of the bunch, so it has some features that you won’t see until the other trucks are refreshed, but overall each vehicle was well reviewed.

Check out those prices! With the extra cost for the diesel engine, the Ford still is only stickered at $30,643. Yes, that’s not adjusted for inflation but that’s still a great price.

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