Remember When Jeremy Clarkson Reviewed the F-150?

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Clarkson F-150 Lightning Review Top Gear

Today we take a look down memory lane to when Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the Ford F-150 for an episode of Top Gear. As it turns out, it was the expensive (at the time), high-performance SVT Lighting, but it was a F-150 nonetheless. I think that if he were to review the 2015, he’d have many different things to say.

The F-150 is a sales phenomenon, and it’d make sense that the British would be interested in the truck. Heck, I think they’d be interested in the modern-day version as well.

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As per usual Clarkson for the time, he ends up not liking the truck because it lacks the sophistication that a European buyer demands. And maybe at that time, that was true, but today is different. The 2015 and later F-150 is the most technology-advanced, and best-driving F-150 Ford has ever made.

In the luxury-trim levels, the features and comfort meet or exceed the best the Germans have to offer. While we think of those trucks as expensive here, I’d imagine that if they were built for Europe they’d be pretty price-competitive.

The only thing that Clarkson didn’t like that hasn’t been fixed yet is the theft issue from the bed. Sure, a locking tonneau cover helps. Also, the tailgate locks with the doors on the new truck. But if you don’t have a tonneau nothing is stopping someone from nicking your things.

Unless you get the huge SuperCrew, where there’s plenty of room in the back to store your things without having to put valuables in the bed.

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