Refreshed 1966 Ford F-250 Ready to Haul in Style

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1966 Ford F-250

Most custom trucks are built with one specific purpose in mind. But this old Ford is what we call a multitasker.

While styles vary greatly in the custom truck world, we can certainly categorize them. There are trucks build specifically to work, others for show. There are trucks built to be daily drivers, and some built to never or rarely be driven. And then there are hybrids like this pristine 1966 Ford F-250 we spotted over at The Classic Car Network. Trucks built to do more than one thing well, of course.

Any truck with a flat bed just screams work horse, and we’re betting this old Ford can certainly serve that purpose. The bed itself is a custom built piece and looks great as well. And it isn’t necessarily just for show, either. The suspension of this F-250 has been fortified with refreshed axles, brakes, bearings, and a 4″ lift. Which, when coupled with 17″ wheels and beefy tires, also gives it a pretty intimidating stance.

1966 Ford F-250

Aiding that all-business approach are black accents adorning the grille and much of the trim, in lieu of traditional chrome. Some shiny bits were retained, however, for a nice contrast. Couple all of that with a very attractive deep red paint, and this Ford pickup sports a unique, modern appearance without going over the top.

1966 Ford F-250

Under the hood you’ll find a rebuilt 352 sporting a Holley carb and Edelbrock intake breathing through dual exhaust. But with a granny-geared 4-speed manual, it’s obviously not built to outrun muscle cars from a dig. No, this mildly built classic Ford F-250 is more of a show/haul truck. And by the looks of things, we’d say whoever built it pulled off the dual purpose build quite masterfully!


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