Redneck Engineering Frees Stuck Super Duty from Mud

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It isn’t often that stuff you see on the internet works. But maybe it’s time to throw some spare two by fours in your bed after all!

Since the beginning of time, truck owners have attempted many ingenious tricks to free their stuck rides from the murky depths of the earth. Whether it be by winch, by tow truck, or by tire chains, we’ll do whatever it takes. Including, it appears, using a couple of two by fours. We’ve heard of folks resorting to this kind of redneck engineering before, but watching this Super Duty employ it is the first time we’ve seen the act documented on video.

Super Duty

The unique and handy trick comes to us via Stephen Cox, who owns and drives an 11,500 pound Super Duty service truck for his business. When Cox notices that he’s got a busted fence on his property, he does what any of us might do. He hops in his truck and heads over to fix it. Unfortunately, however, the innocuous-looking field is actually a giant mud pit that quickly consumes his Super Duty.

Sure, Cox could have just phoned a friend at this point. Instead, he decided to, as he says “try a trick I saw on the internet.” Which is usually how bad situations quickly turn worse. What is this scientific method, you ask? “Basically, you take a two by four, strap it to the tire, and you hope for the best,” Cox so eloquently explains. Sounds reasonable to us!

Super Duty

We’ve heard that the ol’ two by four method works, but Cox isn’t so confident. Until he gives it some gas and this little piece of redneck ingenuity works like a charm. The Super Duty rolls right on down the field via these wooden tracks. Until Cox decides to stop and retrieve his camera equipment, that is. You can’t really blame him, however, as he was still in shock that it actually worked.

So maybe it’s time to throw a few two by fours and some straps in the back of your truck. Because for once, something we saw on the internet actually works in real life!

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