C’mon Feel the Noize: Ford Owner’s F-150 EcoBoost Gets Loud & Nasty

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Redditor F-150 with Flowmaster Exhaust

Simple changes to exhaust system make F-150 roar like a lion.

Redditor “frankieangione” recently shared a video to the social network of his Ford F-150 with some custom exhaust work. He explains that his goal was to make his truck sound a bit nastier, and while we only hear it at idle, it definitely has more grumble than stock. However, even though some members of the community like the sound clip in the video, skeptics want to hear it at speed.

The Introduction

When the OP first shared this truck, he titled it “My attempt to make the 3.5 EcoBoost sound a bit nastier” and he included a short video of his Ford F-150 with the powerful twin turbocharged engine. He also explains that he removed the resonator and switched out the stock muffler with a Flowmaster 40 series. As a result the exhaust system likely flows a bit better, but more importantly, the removal of the resonator coupled with the sportier muffler makes the truck quite a bit louder than stock.

Redditor “dremag2009” was the first to respond, showing his support for the move to a Flowmaster muffler:
“Nothing beats a Flowmaster 40 series. Had those on my 92 Mustang with the 5.0. Used to set alarms off all the time.”

Skeptics Sound Off

Although the first comment was positive, the next few posts were skeptical of how this F-150 will sound at higher engine speeds.

The first to question the exhaust system was “mpetess10”:
“It’s not hard at all to make them sound good at idle. It’s anything above about 1500 rpm that it starts to sound ricey and raspy.”

The next was “FrattyMcBeaver2”, who is considering a similar setup, but he wants to hear more first:
“You should make a video with a full throttle run and coast. It sounds mean at idle though. I’m thinking about doing the same mood to my EcoBoost.”

Finally, while the OP hasn’t shared another exhaust video, he did point out that a friend’s F-150 with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost and a straight-pipe exhaust system “sounds like a fart can at high RPMs.”

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