Recklessly Repo’d Ford F-150 Culprit Pleads Guilty

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Ford F-150

Turns out, you can’t boot a Ford F-150 off your property by smashing it with a tractor and pushing it down the road.

Just a few months ago, we brought you the story of a family dispute revolving around a Ford F-150 and one of the more interesting repossession techniques you’ll ever see. It all started when the nephew of a general contractor purchased the 2006 Ford F-150 you see here. The young man parked it on his uncle’s lot, temporarily. All in anticipation of his father doing some work on the pickup to get it roadworthy. But after a few months went by and nothing happened, the business owner took matters into his own hands.

The owner first got into a verbal and physical confrontation with the young man’s mother, his sister-in-law. Enraged, he hopped into a yellow Caterpillar front loader and proceeded to flip the poor Ford F-150 on its side, off his property, down the highway, and into the parking lot of an auto repair shop. Which is one way of getting your point across, we suppose.

Unsurprisingly, a witness captured the incident on video and posted it to Facebook. And police promptly arrested the man. But believe it or not, there is a happy ending to all of this unnecessary rage. According to the Union Leader, the man pleaded guilty to all charges. The sentence? Either one year of good behavior or 18 months in jail. He must also cough up the cost of fixing/replacing the Ford F-150 he damaged.

Obviously, this tale is a good reminder of why taking a deep breath is usually a good idea when you get a little angry. But we’re also impressed with how well this poor Ford F-150 held up in the face of some serious abuse. You can hardly tell it was smashed with a front loader and drug down the highway, in fact. Which, in the end, probably saved the aggressor a bit of cash, too!

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