Recall Alert: 2016 Ford Transit Connects Could Have Faulty Brake Systems

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According to a new recall released by Ford, about 1,900 2016 Ford Transit Connect vans might have a faulty and/or contaminated brake hydraulic control unit pump. The problem affects cars that were built between Feb. 22 and June 16 of this year.

In the recall, Ford explains that the HCU pump might have “metallic debris” in it. With that type of contamination, the debris could wear down and degrade the pump, causing it to work less effectively. And if the HCU pump isn’t working correctly, the brake systems like electronic stability control might now work correctly, which wouldn’t necessarily be the cause of a crash, but could increase the risk of it.

If your car is in this grouping, Ford will replace the pump for free. Call 800-392-3673 or go to if you’re worried.

via [Ford]

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