Rebuild a Ford F4 in 60 Days? Challenge Accepted!

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Ford F4

FTE member tries to emulate every reality car show on TV with a tight, self-imposed deadline for his Ford F4 build!

Rebuilding an old, long-neglected pickup is a time-consuming task. Unless you’ve got a bundle of cash or perhaps chronic insomnia, this is generally a process that simply takes time. And most of us are OK with that. But sometimes, procrastination gets the better of us. And as any good life coach will tell you, setting goals is a good way to break through a rut. So that’s exactly what Ford Truck Enthusiasts member acl9865 decided to do with his Ford F4 project.

“I’ve made the decision to have the whole truck done by June 1. 63 days from today. But I’ll be out in Joshua Tree and Easter, so lets say 60 days flat. This where I’m at today.

Front axle removed and prepping for paint.
New main leaves coming from Eaton Detroit Springs.
Front half of frame POR15’d, second half shortly.
New clutch and conrod bearing coming, as well as transmission gasket set.
High build primer, platinum body filler, and 50 lb of sand paper inbound.
Paint ordered.
Paint booth reserved.
New tires ordered.
Last 2 wheels dropped off for sandblasting and powdercoating.
New glass all around in the mail.
Bench seat kit ordered.
Grille ordered.
New lower grill valance ordered.”

Ford F4

Like you, we also watch those silly TV shows where a crack team of car guys somehow beat tight deadlines and deliver stunning results over and over again. You know, every single reality car show ever made. But in real life, these kinds of things are virtually impossible. So we were obviously intrigued by this Ford F4 project and its self-imposed deadline right off the bat. But it at least sounds like the OP has a solid plan in place.

“Luckily I have the Amazon Red Bull button for quick ordering haha. I wish Foose was nearby, just my puppies and I and the occasional garage visit from my girlfriend. I’m cheating slightly and taking 4 weeks off of work, too.”

Regardless of this distraction-free, energy drink-infused bender, things didn’t start off too well.

“All I’ve managed to do is prime the fenders. Have some major work deadlines to hit and free time has been at an all-time low. On the upside my last bearing, motor mounts, more POR 15, new 10″ clutch, transmission gasket set, and new throwout bearing are here now. Goal for this weekend is to finish the motor and transmission and drop them in.”

And then, of course, a problem surfaced.

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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