Do You Have a Rear Slider in Your Ford Truck?: Question of the Week

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2018 Ford F-150 Lariat

Does your Ford truck have a sliding rear window and if not, would you prefer if it did?

The 2018 F-150 pickup has a unique rear window with a sliding portion that pops in at the center, creating a very clean look when the back glass is closed. That fancy rear slider is standard on all of the higher-end F-150 trim lines, but if you want to add the sliding rear glass, it will cost you $350.

Really, it seems like pretty much every Ford truck you see on the road has the rear slider, but in seeing those rare pickups without an opening rear window, we come to our Question of the Week.

Does your Ford truck have a sliding rear window?

If your Ford truck has the rear slider, do you use it often? If you do not have the rear slider, would you prefer if your truck had one? While we often see trucks with this option, it seems that few of them are open, so you have to wonder how many people really care whether or not their truck has one.

Opening the rear window improves air flow if you are trying to cool down your Ford, or remove foul smells from the cab. More importantly, if you need to haul something that is relatively lightweight–like wood trim pieces which are too flimsy to hang out of the bed–you can run them into the cab through the back glass. That expands on the functionality of the truck, especially in the case of Ford pickups with the shortest carbo box option.

Ultimately, what we want to know is whether or not you like having a rear slider in your Ford truck. If it was not included in so many trim lines, would you pay $350 extra to include it on a new F-150?

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