This Guy Took the ‘Woodie’ Concept a Bit too Literal…

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Perhaps you remember the old school Ford Woodie, and depending on how old you are, you may have ridden in one as a kid. Well, original Ford Woodies have been steadily raising in price and have become sort of out of touch with most potential customers. That didn’t stop this guy…

We don’t know much background info on this actual Ford Woodie, except for the fact that its owner titled it as a 1979 Ford Wooden truck in Tea, South Dakota. Now, when we said Ford Wooden truck, we literally meant all wooden truck.

This video taken by the guys from ‘Under The Hood’ is the only proof of this truck we were able to find online, and it does a great job at walking all around the truck and even peeking inside the cabin. The time and craftsmanship that it took to build this is quite unfathomable. Even more surprising, is the fact that this truck runs and rives well (according to Facebook comments).

Sure I can think of the many drawbacks of driving around town in a wood shop class project, but in the end, none of them matter because this is outright cool… and woodie.

Would you drive this?

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