Rare Nite Edition Ford F-150 Spotted!

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From the Nite, came the Lightning — and it’s always darkest before dawn.

I’ve read about Ford’s Nite edition F-150s and Broncos before. Available only in 1991 and 1992, they offered sporty good looks and monochrome trim. This was just before the SVT Lightning took the recipe several steps further, and re-invented the sport truck concept in the process.


It’s an interesting footnote in history, and one that is often ignored and overlooked due to its rarity. Mostly an appearance package, the Nite option consisted of blacked-out trim, a very early-90s blue/purple gradient stripe, special badging, and sport suspension with aluminum wheels and white-letter tires.

Initially offered only as an XLT Lariat trim level with a regular cab, the lineup was expanded in 1992 to include the Bronco and any style of F-150, including 2WD and 4×4 models. The only available engines were the 5.0 liter 302 cubic inch V8, or the 5.8 liter 351 cubic inch V8.


With a short production run of just two years and arguably limited appeal at the time, these trucks are rare finds. Unlike obscure sports cars of the era, sport trucks were still trucks that were expected to work hard. One can assume that many were used up and thrown away.


Imagine my shock seeing one “in the wild” so to speak, while running errands. Since I had just been shopping for a new chair for the living room, I couldn’t help but stare wistfully at this truck — it would have been a much cooler way to get that new chair home!


Showing a bit of wear and rust, this was still above-average condition for my stomping grounds of Akron, Ohio. I’m sure this truck has its fair share of stories to tell, with many good miles still left in it.

It was a neat find on a lazy Sunday, and I hope it brightened your day, too. Seen any cool old Ford trucks while out and about?

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