Rare, Mysterious Ranger Shadow Beds Surfaces Online

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Ford Ranger Shadow Bed

Reportedly one of only 15 built, this heavily flared, fiberglass Ranger bed is a fascinating find.

Truck bed styling hasn’t changed much in the last few decades. Outside of adding loads of utility in the form of tie down straps, integrated steps and ramps, and LED lighting, of course. Otherwise, the world has pretty much decided that it prefers a regular old straight bed design. Rendering things like Flaresides as relics of the past. But while you’re obviously familiar with those types of stylized beds, have you ever seen or even heard of the elusive Ranger Shadow Bed?

If you haven’t, we certainly wouldn’t blame you. After all, the seller of this particular Ranger and Shadow Bed combo on Craigslist claims that only 15 were built. While it’s virtually impossible to verify that claim, we do know that there aren’t many of these interesting prototype beds out there in the world. It was one of those wild ideas that, like the SkyRanger, just didn’t get off the ground.

Ford Ranger Shadow Bed

The fiberglass, short-box design is certainly unique. And given the popularity of Flaresides back in the ’80s and ’90s, it isn’t surprising that Ford would give something like this a try. Ford offered these Shadow Box Rangers as complete trucks or just as a bed for dealerships, who could then complete a conversion. This particular bed doesn’t appear to have come with the 1989 Ranger it’s attached to. Which probably means it falls in the latter category.

Ford Ranger Shadow Bed

It isn’t surprising that the Shadow Box Ranger failed to catch on, really. After all, adding those massive flares greatly reduced the truck’s usable cargo space. And since the bed was fiberglass, we can’t imagine anyone tossing some concrete blocks back there. Regardless, this special, rare little slice of history is certainly worth saving!

Ford Ranger Shadow Bed

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