Rare Convertible Ford GTX1 Can Be Yours for $460,000

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The last generation Ford GT was a sleeper hit. Ford initially didn’t do well with the car, but since then, the Ford GT has become a collector favorite with prices for these amazing Detroit built machines soaring through the roof with no end in sight. However, after the first new Ford GT debuted, Ford had the idea to make a convertible version called the GTX1.

However, after some discussion within the automaker, the project was cancelled. That said, it wasn’t the end of the GTX1’s story. After the cancellation, Genadi Design Group began taking orders for the convertible Ford GT, and modified a few existing Ford GTs into the GTX1 design.

Additionally, the cars all received a 150 horsepower boost, meaning the cars were now putting down roughly 700 horsepower. These are now some of the most rare Ford GTs ever built. And currently, this particularly beautiful yellow and silver car is up for sale.

While Ford GTs are now going for around $300,000, this one is currently asking for $460,000 to take it home. While that may seem insane, it does show that the world of supercars, especially these rare ones are still alive and strong. It also helps that this car has 0 miles on it as well.


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