Rare ’61 Ford F-250 4×4: Worth the Lofty Asking Price?

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1962 Ford F-250 4x4

Early factory 4x4s are bringing big bucks these days. But is this mismatched Ford F-250 pushing it too far?

It’s no secret that four-wheel drive Ford pickups weren’t always as popular as they are today. Heck, Ford farmed out the conversions to Marmon-Herrington for years, circumventing the job until they finally decided to do it themselves in 1959. But even then, early factory 4x4s didn’t exactly generate a ton of interest from buyers. Thus, you won’t find many four-wheelers around today like this 1961 Ford F-250, which we spotted on Craigslist.

To put this truck’s rarity in perspective, Ford build 21,000 F-250s in 1961 in total. Of those, only 2,200 were equipped with four-wheel drive. And like any other relatively rare old pickup, values are beginning to rise. We’ve seen lots of nice restored and original examples on the market recently, generally with hefty asking prices. But this particular Ford F-250 is neither restored nor original, and yet it too sports a substantial price tag.

Ford F-250

All of which begs the question – is it worth it? For starters, this one has mismatched wheels. And apparently, mismatched bodywork. That bed is certainly not a ’61, but looks like a ’64-’66 donor. The interior is ratty, with a completely shredded bench seat. It’s hard to tell if there are any issues with rust, but the seller doesn’t mention any.


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