Rare 1956 Ford COE Fire Truck Played Major Role in Canadian History

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1956 Ford COE Fire Truck

When the Canadian military needed fire trucks to put out artillery fires, they commissioned these unique Ford COEs.

We love our old fire trucks around these parts, and we’re guessing you do too. Thus, any time we come across a nice old fire fighting Ford, we’re more than happy to share it with you. But this somewhat odd-looking 1956 Ford COE “Range Tender” fire truck might just be the most unique, absolutely incredible find we’ve ever come across. Thus, it’s no wonder that someone snagged it from the eBay seller before you can even say “wow.”

If you’ve never seen a Ford COE fire truck before, don’t worry. We haven’t either. And there’s obviously a good reason for that – hardly any were ever built. Apparently, a grand total of 11 of these trucks were commissioned by the Canadian military. They used them to put out fires at artillery ranges, which sounds like a pretty badass gig. But the seller notes that most of those original 11 were destroyed. Which makes this restored example truly a rare sight.

1956 Ford COE Fire Truck

Unsurprisingly, the legendary Marmon-Herrington completed the initial conversions. The same company that converted Ford trucks into everything from basic four-wheel drive vehicles to wagons and ambulances. A Canadian company called King-Seagrave Ltd. then fitted the big COEs with all the requisite fire-fighting equipment.

1956 Ford COE Fire Truck

This unique slice of fire truck history has undergone a complete restoration, and the quality of work looks absolutely immaculate. The owner took extreme care to retain all the original components, simply returning them to their original working (and cosmetic) order.

1956 Ford COE Fire Truck

Assigning a value to something this unique is obviously very difficult. There’s no telling what it sold for, either. We just hope that the new owner is keen to show this bad boy off to the public. Because we know if we owned this cool old Ford COE, we’d drive the heck out of it!

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