Raptors Dominate Parker 425 with Jason Voss Repeat!

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Tough as it was, the Best in the Desert Bluewater Resort and Casino Parker 425 wasn’t tough enough to stop Ford Raptors from taking the top three spots! It certainly wasn’t tough enough to keep Jason Voss from repeating his win from 2013!

Jason Voss and the Voss Motorsports Ford Raptor would start in 10th place after time trials. However, at race mile 177 Voss would begin to close the gap against leader Mark Wehyrich in the number 9 TSCO Raptor. After a problem from Wehyrich, both Voss and Tavo Vildosola in the BraNix Ford Raptor would shoot past him and Wehyrich would end up in Third Place.

The race was far from over as both Vildosola and Voss would continue to close their gap and by the end of the Parker 425, the Raptors would only be separated by a mere 10 seconds.

F150 Online would like to congratulate Jason Voss on a repeat win and show why the number 1 plate is on his truck and to all three drivers showing that the Raptor is built Ford Tough!

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