Is the Raptor the World’s Best Flying Truck?

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The 2017 Raptor is known for many awesome qualities, but is flying one of them? Just ask the folks at Motor Trend.

The all-new Raptor is a truck we’ve grown to love despite it not being “perfect.” During our most recent test drive of the 450-horsepower monster, we found it so capable that it was almost boring to drive off-road. After watching this video by the good folks of the Motor Trend Channel, we realized it’s not boring at all, we just weren’t pushing hard enough!

As one of the two drivers involved in our recent Raptor off-road excursion, I can tell you that it takes a great deal of — you know — to push a manufacturer-owned test vehicle as hard as these guys did. Then again, Motor Trend is one of the largest and best known publications in the world, and their stunt driver is one of Ford’s prodigious sons — Mr. Ken Block. So, I can imagine they get away with a wee bit more than most…


Chances are a very small percentage of 2017 Raptor owners will actually jump their $70k trucks five feet in the air, but the ones that do, they’ll be pleased to know that if done right, it can handle it. If you don’t plan on giving into such lunacy, it’s okay, at least you know what it’s capable of.

Words can’t describe just how awe-inspiring this video is, and how much of a testament it is to the years of research and development Ford put into the F-150 variant.

All hail the off-road king!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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