Raptor Turned Limo: When You Need to Off-Road in Style

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by John Coyle

The Blue Oval’s Raptor is the closest thing to a factory trophy truck you can get, so it’s only natural that somebody would take it and… Nope, sorry. There’s nothing natural about this. But from what’s visible in this video, it appears that whoever created this one-off, six-door monster did a great job with the fabrication.

Hell, I’d imagine that most people who catch a glimpse of this baby would assume it’s factory. And you never know, if you need to cart a bunch of buddies near the sands of Abu Dhabi, it could be just the ticket. But I don’t get how some of my fellow bloggers are referring to it as a limo. The seats all face front, and more importantly, there’s no bar. What kind of limo doesn’t have a bar?

Check out the video below to see the Raptorsine, then let us know what you think. Is this the way to run the Baja in style or is this just something you should run away from? Voice your opinion here!