Raptor Trophy Truck Suspension in Action: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

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The under-truck cameras give us a remarkable look at the suspension of this Raptor trophy truck on the move.

This week’s Truckin fast Wednesday video comes to us from the DER Gartner YouTube channel and it features the Ford Raptor trophy truck of Camburg Racing. There is plenty of footage showing this wicked racing truck blasting through the sand, but the most interesting aspect of this clip is the footage captured from under the Raptor, giving us an incredible look at the race-ready suspension doing its thing.

Camburg Raptor Race Truck

The Camburg Raptor

Camburg Racing has long been an active player in the world of trophy truck racing with race vehicles from a variety of different automakers, but the video above shows their General Tire-sponsored Ford F-150 Raptor race truck. We don’t have any details on the engine and realistically, this custom chassis race vehicle likely doesn’t share many attributes with a production road-going Raptor.

At the same time, it has a Raptor-inspired body and it stars in a pretty interesting video, showing the suspension advantages of a trophy truck better than any we have seen online.

Trophy Truck Suspension

While a trophy truck differs from a production road truck in almost every way, the most significant area of improvement made to race trucks is the suspension setup. These trucks have long-arm suspension setups that allow for a massive amount of wheel travel while high tech dampers do their best to keep the tires on the ground. This advanced suspension setup allows the Raptor trophy truck to accelerate as it skims across the uneven, sandy footing.

The video begins by showing the Camburg Ford race truck sliding around in the sand, followed some high speed footage captured from another vehicle speeding alongside on the paved road. It is during this portion of the video where we really see the suspension working hard, keeping the body of the truck relatively stable as the wheels skip across the bumps on the “track”.

When the video moves to the cameras under the truck, we can see how far and how often the suspension components move, allowing the wheels to stay on the ground and the body floating smoothly above it.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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