RAPTOR REPORT VelociRaptor on Top Gear This Week!

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Back when this season of Top Gear started, we reported to you that there’d be an episode featuring Jeremy Clarkson driving a Hennessy VelociRaptor through the wilderness.

Now that episode is about to air, and we know a few more details about the show.

Top Gear VelociRaptor

The team is in the wilderness in Canada. Richard Hammond is supposedly wearing a watch that acts as an emergency locator beacon.

They are trying it out by putting Richard somewhere fairly remote in the Canadian wilderness, and have James May and Clarkson attempt to rescue him.

James is driving a Silverado Z71, and Clarkson is in a bright yellow, 2014-ish version of the VelociRaptor. 

Without going out and actively looking for spoilers, we can surmise that Jeremy’s brilliant plan is horsepower.

The VelociRaptor is definitely the right truck. It is available in both supercharged and turbocharged versions.

Top Gear VelociRaptor

But if anyone is capable of breaking a vehicle that typically is unbreakable, it’s Jeremy Clarkson.

If you live in the UK, or have access to BBC’s iPlayer, you can watch the episode Sunday evening.

Otherwise, it’ll air on Monday at 8:30pm on BBC American here in the United States. Also, we hear there might be other means of watching it as well, we suspect Google might have the answers.

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