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When you take Chris Pratt of Starlord fame and through him in with a bunch of dinosaurs, you have the makings of a pretty popular movie. That’s what happened when Jurassic World was released a few weeks back.¬†Ford has taken a brief opportunity to geek out a bit with us about the movie.

The Velociraptors were always my favorite dinosaurs of the movie franchise. When I look at a F-150 Raptor, I don’t envision it as the bird-of-prey that it’s named after, but rather the intelligent, agile dinosaur that hunts in packs.

There’s a scene in the new movie where Pratt’s character is surrounded by Velociraptors, as shown below.

Jurassic World

Ford decided to get a few Raptors themselves and recreate the shot.

Jurassic World Raptor

Bravo Ford! I approve of the geekiness of this photo. Well done!

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