RAPTOR REPORT O.J. Simpson’s Bronco Raptor-fied

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The Internet is a strange and magnificent place where rumors never seem to die. One in particular is the return of the Bronco in SVT-guise.

That’s really not going to happen, but you can still get a Ford Bronco with the capability of the Raptor. You just have to be creative like Tumblin Automotive and build one yourself.

They took the shell from a 1993 Ford Bronco and put it on top of all the components from a 2011 SVT Raptor.

They didn’t just take the wheels and tires and call it a day, but rather migrated over the suspension, engine, drivetrain components, and the interior.

Yes, a full Raptor interior inside a Bronco.

Ultimately, they painted the Bronco white. Maybe O.J. Simpson would’ve been better off in this than his infamous slow-speed chase one?

If you’re someone who doesn’t think modern vehicles look as good as ones from the past, or if you just wish that the Bronco was still in production, this project is definitely for you.

Plus, you get all the capability of the high-flying Raptor and the creature comforts of a modern car. That sounds like a win-win in our books!

What do you think about this Raptor-fied Bronco? Let us know in the forums!

via [Just That Ford Guy]

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