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We reported last week that we have heard from dealerships that have quickly sold through their supply of 2014 F-150 Raptors.

If you’re looking to get a hold of a truck, you might be quickly running out of luck for a new one. But let’s say you want to go used?

Aside from your local dealership or private seller, you can also pick up a truck from your local CarMax!

RaptorCarMax has developed a cult following, due to their ease of selling a car or because of a higher quality and selection of used vehicles.

They even sell extended warranties that don’t actually suck. They also, once-in-awhile, get in some higher-performance or speciality vehicles.

As of this writing, CarMax has 22 SVT RaptorsĀ in stock and even 1 Lightning, if you’re interested check out their full F150 inventory. Their cheapest one they currently have is a 2010 black SuperCab with a red and black interior. Sitting on 74,000 miles, they’re asking $34,998 for it. The prices go up from there.

carmax raptor

2010 Raptor For Sale (Photo: CarMax)

Should you buy a Raptor from CarMax? In the case of the Raptor, it’s no different than buying it from any other source. They put the vehicle through a quality inspection like a dealership should, and even have a five day money-back guarantee.

CarMax has made news lately because Doug Demuro of Jalopnik tells tales of how CarMax’s extended warranty has saved his bacon on his Range Rover.

In the case of the Raptor, the MaxCare extended warranty wouldn’t cover anything related to off-roading or hooning the truck. Considering the Fords are pretty reliable, it’s unlikely that an extended warranty would benefit you in the future as much as it would on an unreliable vehicle.

We’re interested in seeing if Raptors go up in value as the stock starts to dry out of the 2014s. It’s a long time to wait to get the 2017.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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