Raptor is the Real Star of this Harlem Shake Video

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While the crazy fad of the Harlem Shake burned bright and hot then faded away into obscurity for most of the world, somehow China hasn’t gotten the memo. This video, reportedly shot after China banned hot Auto Show Models, seems to be in response to that edict.


However, this video was taken was actually taken in 2013 well before the regulation was put forth. Nice try AutoEvolution, there’s no story here.


This video was taken at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show in the Nitto booth as see in this video here.

Although, you do get to see that very cool, very bright white Ford Raptor in the background and a bunch of hot ladies dancing around to a terrible song that should have never been made.


So take of it what you will, but this video is definitely from 2013, which means China did get the memo.

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