This Raptor Has Gullwing Doors, But for a Practical Reason

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The all-electric Tesla Model X has, what they refer to as, Falcon Wing doors. These doors open upwards and outwards, making it extremely easy to get in and out of the middle row of seats. They aren’t without their issues, and are more vanity than anything else. But what about on this Raptor? Are the gullwing doors cool?

Of course, if you actually watch the video above you’ll see what this Raptor has cool gullwing doors. They exist, along with some clever floor maneuvering, to make the Ford Raptor wheelchair accessible. With the doors lifting up and away, the floor can slide out and drop to the ground assisting in the entrance and exit of the vehicle. It also appears that the B-pillar was completely removed for the process, and the front and rear doors are welded together.

Check out the company’s website here for more details and also other conversions that they offer. We think the doors are pretty cool, and we like that more people can go Raptoring that might not have been able to thanks to this setup!

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