Raptor Donuts? Yes, Raptor Donuts!

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The Ford Raptor we all know and love is set to be replaced by an all new truck, one that has the same aluminum bones that the current F-150 has, as well as use a modified version of the F-150’s twin-turbo EcoBoost V6.

The new Raptor will have more horsepower, less weight, and tons of more torque than the current iteration has. But that still doesn’t make us lust after the current Raptor any less. Between it’s super capable off-road suspension, and the glorious sounding V8, the truck can really do no wrong in our books.

That’s why we found this little video brought out of the depths of YouTube and to your eyeballs. Here we have an exuberant Raptor owner, a gravel quarry of some kind, and plenty of open space to do donuts in the off-road truck.

The Raptor is just super badass.

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