Ford Performance Raptor Assault School – From Zero to Hero (Video)

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The high-performance off-road driving school is “free” if you buy a brand-new 2017 or 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor.

Looking to buy a new Raptor? If you can’t quite convince the wife, maybe a nice couple’s getaway to Salt Lake City, Utah will seal the deal. While she’s at the spa, you can take advantage of the “free” Ford Performance Racing School dubbed “Raptor Assault.”

The program provides truck owners with a first-hand experience of their new Ford truck’s capabilities — in a safe environment with professional instructors. The host of the AmericanTrucks YouTube channel recently purchased a new 2017 Raptor and decided to document his experience.

Ford Raptor

The driving school starts off with a classroom lecture to teach owners cornering techniques, the proper way to hold the steering wheel, and other important aspects of off-road driving. After that, the course begins with a bang! Drivers are treated to a steep side hill that practically puts the truck onto its side at nearly 31 degrees of inclination.

Ford Raptor

There are many, many other trials that drivers get to put the off-road champs through, including high-speed cornering, putting Baja mode through its paces, and rock crawling. For those of us who can’t afford to drop over $60k on a new truck, watching this awesome video is the closest we’ll ever get to attending Ford’s Raptor Assault program.


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