Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: Plain-Looking Ranger Wows the Crowd

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Ranger makes winning the Daily Driver class look easy with a nitrous-fed small block.

This week’s Truckin’ Fast Wednesday video comes to us from the Jmalcom2004 YouTube channel and it features a first generation Ford Ranger racing at Truck Wars 3 at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park. This mild-looking compact pickup is competing in the Daily Driver class and run after run, it gets the job done.

The Truck

The details on this video are short, but we know that this Ford Ranger is running in the Daily Driver class at Truck Wars 3, held at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park. According to the title and some information in the comment section, this compact Ford from the post-facelift portion of the first generation is powered by a small block Ford V8 that is fitted with a nitrous setup. It also sounds like it has an automatic transmission with a big stall convertor.

First Gen Ford Ranger Race Truck Front

What we can see is that this Ranger has a roll cage, drag skinnies up front and what appears to be fairly narrow drag tires out back. The owner probably can’t fit a wider tire inside of the sheet metal, but even with the relatively small rear tires – this little Ford doesn’t seem to have any issues with traction.

The Action

It looks as though all of these runs were “no-time” passes, where the only thing that matters is which vehicle crosses the finish line first (without redlighting at the start).

Ranger Race Truck Rear Launch

In the first run, the Ranger takes on a fourth generation Chevrolet Camaro and beats the muscle car soundly. The second run introduces what sounds like a turbocharged Silverado, but once again, Ford beats Chevy. The third race has the Ranger beating an older Chevy pickup and in the fourth run of the video – the Daily Driver class final round – the little Ford wins with a redlight by the Chevy in the left lane, but the Ranger still gets down the track a whole lot quicker.

Ranger Wins the Class

On each and every run, this Ford Ranger leaves the line hard and straight, squatting over the rear tires and pulling hard through the top end without so much as a wiggle. We don’t get to see any elapsed times, but if we had to guess, this looks to be a 9-second pickup, but at this event, all that mattered was that the Ranger beat every other truck in the class down the quarter mile.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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