New Ranger Wildtrak Appears in Frankfurt

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I don’t know how many times we’ve covered the Bronco and the Ranger here on Ford Trucks. It seems that every other week, something new, some little tidbit of information gleaned from Ford’s various press releases causes the Internet to become a flurry of rumors and wild truths about the Blue Oval bringing these trucks back from the dead here in America.

Yet, he we sit, without any real confirmation, reporting on more interesting things about the Ranger and Bronco. Or better yet, crying out to Ford about how the company really needs to bring these two trucks back. It’s as if Ford’s marketing department has completely gone deaf to anything related to the Ranger and the Bronco.

The latest bit of buzz to wet your insatiable appetites comes from YouTube. The video, shot at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, shows off the new 2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrak. The Ranger in question is Ford’s beefier Ranger cousin, more closely related to the Raptor.

However, just like every other Ford Ranger, we’re not getting it. At least not anytime soon. So once again, if you want this awesome little machine, call up Ford at (313) 322-3000 and shout “shut up and take our money.”


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