Ranger Smokes a Tire to Death in the Dirt

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Dirt burnout by the Ranger results in an unusual failure pattern along the sidewalls.

This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video comes to us from the Whiskey Banger YouTube channel and it features a Ford Ranger putting a set of cheap tires to rest. Most people prefer to do their burnouts on pavement, but this compact pickup owner has taken to the dirt. Surprisingly, it is able to actually smoke the tires in the dirt, but the rough ground leads to tire failure that we don’t see from a burnout on a paved road.

Cheap Tires on Trial

The truck in the video above appears to be a first generation Ford Ranger with a sweet two-tone paint job and a cheap set of tires from Walmart. We get a look at the tires before the burnout begins and they appear to be in rough shape, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the near tire quickly fails.

Ford Ranger Dirt Burnout Wide View

What is a surprise is how the tire fails, as after the Ranger blows the tire, the driver continues to smoke the tires for 50 more seconds. The near-side tire fails around 11 seconds into the clip, causing everyone filming to quickly rush away from the truck. The smoke show continues, as what is left of the tire continues to spin in the hard dirt.

Ranger Burnout Tire Before


When the burnout finally ends and the cameraman gets a closer look, we can see that after the initial tread failure, the sidewalls tore from the bead to the tread every few inches. This was likely caused by a combination of the odd footing, the loss of air pressure and the fact that the tires weren’t very good to start.

Ranger Tire Burnout After

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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