Ranger Rumors Stoked by Ford Proving Grounds Find

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It’s Friday, so why not kick off the weekend with some good Ranger news? Okay, maybe it’s not necessarily news, but still, sometimes a good rumor can kick off the week in similarly excellent fashion.

Apparently, for the 50th anniversary of Ford’s super-secretive proving grounds in Australia, the Blue Oval opened its testing center to a group of auto journalists. Hopefully they hid most of the valuable first, but what they didn’t hide was an “an American market version of the Chevrolet Colorado doing laps of the high speed oval test track, while a U.S.-spec Toyota Tacoma sat in a parking lot nearby,” as Fox News puts it.

So why might that be encouraging Ranger news? Well, the global version of the Ranger was engineered in Australia, and is “regularly developed” at the proving grounds. So one might assume some development for the American version would occur there as well. And if the American Ranger were to make a comeback, after disappearing from our lives back in 2011, then who would be its biggest competition in the States? That’s right, the two trucks that journalists spied at the Aussie anniversary party.

Adding further fuel to the Ranger-returning rumor is the recent news that a newly ratified Ford-UAW contract tells us that starting in 2018, Ford will be producing two new cars at the Michigan Assembly plant to replace production of the Focus and C-Max. Though Ford has yet to announce which cars they plan on replacing those models with.

Ford also hasn’t announced any plans to once again build an American Ranger, so yes, this is all conjecture. But with midsize pickup sales picking way up in the States lately, a new American Ranger would certainly be a lot cooler than the C-Max. (And a Bronco would be a lot cooler than a Focus, for that matter.)

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