Flame-shootin’ Ranger Rides the Rev Limiter for Two Minutes!

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Ford Ranger is tied down to a cement slab, allowing it to create massive clouds of tire smoke.

This week’s “Tire-smokin’ Tuesday” video comes to us from the YouTube channel of JD’s Garage and it features a Ford Ranger putting together an epic smoke show. Based on the size of the crowd, the prepared area and the fact that a fireman is on hand, we would guess that this is some sort of burnout competition and if that is the case, there is a good chance that this old Ranger took home the blue ribbon.

There are no details on this Ford Ranger, but we can see that someone loved it enough to paint the entire truck, including the badges, grille and part of the headlights, flat black. The owner has also routed the exhaust straight up through the hood, so it isn’t only straight-piped, as the title would suggest; it essentially has small exhaust stack sticking up through the hood. As a result, it is loud, but it likely isn’t much stronger than a stock truck.

Ford Ranger Chained Down

Fortunately, this Ranger is sitting on a concrete slab and it has been tethered to another concrete slab, so when the driver dumps the clutch, it begins to spin the tires.

Bring on the Clouds

This flareside Ranger begins to smoke the tires nicely as soon as the burnout begins, with the rear end quickly becoming engulfed as the cameraman zooms in. At one point, the engine begins to lose power, but with a quick shift, the burnout picks back up.

Around 40 seconds into the burnout, you might find yourself wondering if this Ranger is really going to smoke the tires like this for the entire video. After all, it is more than two-minutes long, but even as the tiny engine screams for mercy, the mid-sized Ford truck just keeps on roasting the rear tires.

Ford Ranger Massive Cloud of Smoke

In fact, when the video ends, the truck is still at it, so for all we know, this burnout continued until the tires disintegrated.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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