Ranger Key Player in Ford’s European Resurgence

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Sales Nearly Double in Jan. 2017, Helping Ford Emerge from Recession

Ford seems to be recuperating from a slow and painful recession overseas. After hitting rock bottom in 2008, the European economy did not recuperate nearly as quickly as it did in North America.

Despite applying several techniques implemented domestically to their European operations, the recession’s impact was larger than expected. As a result, Ford and its competitors have been left to pick up the pieces nearly a decade later. But, recent reports show that the Blue Oval is trending upward. Meanwhile, General Motors is looking to get rid of its Opel and Vauxhall brands.

Ford Ranger

Vehicles like the Focus, the Kuga (Escape) and the Edge have been crucial to Ford’s rehab process. Also, we can’t forget about the Ranger midsize truck. According to Ford Europe, “The tough, rugged and technologically advanced Ford Ranger is the best-selling vehicle in its segment for all of 2016. Ranger sales nearly doubled to 3,800 in January 2017, making it the best January for Ranger sales since the vehicle launched in 1999.”

Furthermore, January 2017 marked Ford’s best January for total sales in the company’s “Euro 20” market since 2008, with a total of 107,700 vehicles. Another positive sign for the recuperating economy is the fact that high-end (and higher profit) trims have led the charge in 2017. The Titanium, RS, ST and Vignale models outsold their basic counterparts in January 2017.

Ford Ranger

Perhaps Ford Europe is learning from what its colleagues in the Americas are doing, and we’re sure we can learn a thing or two from them. After all, the company has got its work cut out at $12 per gallon of gasoline. Yet another reason why we can’t wait to have the Ford Ranger at home!

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