Battered Ranger Takes on ‘Tough Truck’ Race: Freaky-Ford Friday

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Ford Ranger struggles over every obstacle, even at low speed, but you have to admire its endurance.

This week’s “Freaky-Ford Friday” video comes to us from the RPM Army YouTube channel and it features a “sad” Ford Ranger participating in a “Tough Truck” race. In most cases, we showcase Tough Truck racing on “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday,” but this run is so bad and so slow that it has no place being called fast. However, the fact that the owner thought that it would be a sufficient vehicle for the Tough Truck course is fairly freaky, and thus worth a watch

Tough Truck Varieties

There are three varieties of Tough Truck competitors, built race trucks that soar through the course, stock trucks that do well and stock trucks that have no place on the track. This Ford Ranger falls into the third category. While it does a fair job of leaving the starting line and sliding through the flat turns, the jumps are just too much for this tired little truck.

Destroyed Ford Range Race Truck Side

A Hot Mess

While we understand that not every Tough Truck competitor is going to be able to sail over every jump, this Ranger can’t even go over the hills at low speed. The suspension is so soft that it takes little force for the truck to bottom out, meaning that it can’t really jump off of the jumps. Also, the combination of soft suspension, small tires and a low ride height causes the truck to nose-down when it drives off of the jumps slowly, so there is really no way for this truck to get around the track smoothly.

Ranger Race Truck Bad Jump

The crowd cheers and gasps as the Ranger struggles its way around the track, but even with the problems over the small jumps, the driver takes a hard run at the final, largest jump. Right as the old Ford nears the top of the ramp, the driver slows down, trying to drive down the other side, but that doesn’t work either. The truck jams the bumper into the dirt and bounces to the side, slowly rolling off of the course to end the video.

This isn’t as much a race as it is the slow destruction of an old Ford Ranger, and while it might be tough enough to live through the run, this little truck isn’t Tough Truck tough.

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