Ram Tough? Dodge Loses Rear Axle After Hitting Pothole

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Burnouts are good, clean fun.  That is, unless your truck falls apart while trying to do them.  The owner of this big block powered Dodge Ram found out the hard way that his truck wasn’t quite up to the task when he was trying to have a little fun and lost his, well, you know.

It’s hard to see with all the smoke and the poor camera work, but it appears that the Ram lost its rear axle after hitting a rather large pothole.  In a follow up video, the owner explains that the failure wasn’t the result of poor quality, but rather a hack job of an install.

This, of course, after he suffered endless bashing at the hands of Ford and Chevy fans all over the interwebs.  In all fairness, the truck looks like it could fall apart at any moment regardless of how the rear axle was fastened in place.

Whether you believe the explanation of improperly installed leaf bolts or not, this is just another in a series of Dodge and Chevy failures that have been documented on the web.  Just another reminder that if it isn’t built “Ford Tough,” it isn’t worth buying.

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