Ram Runner vs Ford Raptor: Who’s the Victor?

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Oh boy. Now this is the comparison we’ve been waiting for. Ever since the Raptor was released, it’s been the last word on purpose built off road truck performance. Independent tuners and race outfits might do better by themselves, but for a turn-key truck; it’s matchless.

At least, it was matchless. Not to be outdone by the guys at the blue oval, Ram has a released a kit for their trucks. Like the Raptor, the Ram Runner kit aims to turn a normal pickup into a baja style pre-runner.

Does their kit make the Ram a better runner than the Raptor? That’s what MotorTrend aims to find out in this head-to-head comparison. They took both trucks out to the Las Vegas desert to test how they handle off-road runs and the street stuff as well.

Watch the video below to see if a Ram can survive against a Raptor.

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