2016 Ram Power Wagon vs. Ford Raptor – Do You Even Flex Bro?

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It seems that most issues nowadays are settled by engaging in many varieties of battles; dance battles, rap battles, and now—flex battles.

What’s a group of guys to do when they get a hold of a 2016 RAM Power Wagon and a Ford Raptor? Easy, get them to climb over things. Thankfully, these two gentlemen from TFLtruck.com performed such Flex Battle in the name of automotive journalism, and even employed the clever use of a measuring tape and some good ‘ole fashioned math.

The RAM Power Wagon is by many, considered the most capable off-road pickup truck in the world, as it comes with disengaging sway bars, front and rear locking differentials, and a drivetrain capable of producing incredible torque regardless of the situation.

On the other hand, the Ford Raptor was designed for off-roading at high-speed, and can surely tackle rough terrain and handle in ways that would put the RAM to shame. Then again, today’s battle is about which suspension setup can flex best, and not about handling nor speed.

Check out this fine video and let us know what you think!

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Story via: [TFL Truck]

Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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