RaeLynn Rocks F-150-Inspired ‘Tailgate’ Anthem with Florida Georgia Line

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Inspired by her own adventures in a Ford truck, singer rocks out onstage with a dirt-road truck song. 

Up-and-coming country music singer RaeLynn made a solid entry into the pickup truck music genre this summer with her song “Tailgate.” The song is picking up some heat, and she is out on the road performing this lil’ ditty about summer lovin’ and nighttime mischief in the truck bed. RaeLynn recently performed the song onstage with friends and collaborators Florida Georgia Line at the Faster Horses Festival in Michigan. It’s no surprise that the song really resonated with the audience.

RaeLynn drew from her own truck-lovin’ roots for the single. “It also comes from a real place because I’ve been driving the same truck since I was 18 years old. The first car that I ever owned was a Ford F-150,” RaeLynn told Country Fancast. “I got to thinking about all the trouble I’d have been in with mama and dad if that truck ever told a secret on me. I think everyone remembers that first car or truck and all the secrets it kept for them growing up.”


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#FBF to the day I bought my race red @ford #F150. This truck was the inspiration behind #Tailgate ❤️

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The song was written by RaeLynn with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard, and Nashville royalty Canaan Smith, and Corey Crowder. We think she nailed the freedom found in a pickup, and the kind of young love that gets the truck bed a rockin’ and fogs up the glass. Only a true-blue truck girl could write lyrics like this:

“We were a couple kids in a pickup fooling around.

We learned how to keep it so nobody found out.

Mama don’t need to know everything.

Some things you keep to yourself.

Like dumb things you do when you’re 17, on the DL.

But if that tailgate ever tells, I’d be the small talk of the town.

I’m sure I’d catch all kinds of hell for every time we’ve laid it down.

In the back of the race-red F-150,

We get to kissin’, we get to slippin’ off clothes.

And nobody knows.

And only will if that tailgate ever tells.”

We know that Ford trucks and country music can be one powerful combo.

RaeLynn’s new album WildHorse is now available, and you can also follow her online on her website.

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