A.R.E. Accessories’ Ridiculous 2015 Platinum SuperCrew

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15531752719_5f56ce3e8d_zTo say this SuperCrew by A.R.E. Accessories is extreme would be an understatement. It is off the hook and then some.

15715725321_e673462511_zThe former 2015 Ford-150 Platinum SuperCrew is literally a rolling play station. Why mess around with video games when you can have this?

The blue beast speaks to the inner child in all of us. It makes you want to skip class or work and find some mountain to climb or thrash. It’s beautiful.

Mountain bike? Check. Skateboards? Check. Snowboards? Check. Booming sound system? Double triple check. The Ohio based accessories company created the ultimate Ford for the extreme sports enthusiast.

The ToolMaster HD Series cap is great for storing all of your gear and looks rad too. It has a charging station, refrigerator, GoPros mounted all over and plenty of other stuff too ridiculous to print.

Check out the photo gallery bellow and see it for yourself.

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