Question of the Week: Did You Upgrade Your Ford Truck’s Sound System?

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Within the last decade, trucks from all automakers including Ford Motor Company were generally fitted with a less impressive sound system than those offered in the cars of the same brands.

While the key issue was lack of space in trucks with smaller cabs, even the larger 4-door trucks had sound systems that fell a little short for audiophiles – especially when compared to the factory options for cars. Because of that, someone who liked their music loud had to turn to the aftermarket when they bought a new truck.

The good news is that in the modern era of the automotive industry, high end sound systems are available in trucks as well as cars, and Ford has been on the front lines of the push to get more infotainment tech into pickups.

At this point, you can equip your new Ford truck or SUV with a sound system that will easily rival the best from the car lineups, thus giving music lovers a chance to avoid the aftermarket when equipping their truck for big sound.

With this in mind, we come to our newest Question of the Week.

Do you have a newer truck with an upgraded sound system?

Click here to head into the forums to tell us about your truck, what you have changed inside and why you opted to do so. Also, if you have a high end factory system, we want to hear about that, too!


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