Question of the Week: What Do You Tow With Your Ford SUV or Ranger?

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We know Rangers and SUVs get plenty of weekend towing action, so tell us!

We know the F-150 and Super Duty are towing royalty, but nearly all Fords nowadays are extremely capable. There was a point in time when anyone shopping for a towing vehicle would have only considered an F-Series pickup, but smaller trucks and sport utility vehicles have come a long way in the past 20 years.

We are seeing more and more Ford owners towing trailers with vehicles like an old Ranger, or a new Escape, Edge or Explorer. Meanwhile, midsize trucks and SUVs from other companies are more capable of towing than ever before, which means it’s not just Ford that’s doing their homework.

With this increase in towing capabilities in the industry, we are likely to see some impressive capacities from the upcoming Ford Ranger and Bronco. However, there are critics of these hardworking smaller trucks and SUVs, who insist that focusing on improving their towing capabilities is just a waste of time.

That brings us to our “Question of the Week.” Have you towed a trailer with a Ford SUV or truck outside of the F-Series lineup? If so, what is it? While we understand that they’re not the go-to rides for constant towing, we know that recreational activities are extremely appealing to midsize-truck and SUV owners.

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