Question of the Week: Standard 10 Speed with 365 EcoBoost – Good or Bad?

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All-New 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCab

Ford has announced that the 2017 F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 will receive a jump in torque from 420 to 450 lb-ft. The horsepower rating remains at 365, but that bigger torque figure should make the premium EcoBoost engine even more capable in every way. Also, all of the 2017 F-150 pickups with the new, more powerful EcoBoost V6 will also come standard with the new 10-speed automatic transmission and that brings us to our Question of the Week.

Do you think that it is a good idea for Ford to make the new 10-speed gearbox standard on all 2017 F-150 pickups fitted with the premium EcoBoost engine?

While this 10-speed gearbox will improve performance and efficiency, it will likely also add to the bottom line of already pricey pickups. Also, this new 10-speed transmission is unproven in the real world, outside of the on-road testing performed by Ford Motor Company.

Click here to head into the forum to tell us your thoughts on the 10-speed transmission being standard on all 2017 F-150s with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine.


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