Question of the Week: Should “Rolling Coal” Be Illegal?

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rollin coal f350 600

The trend of rolling coal – causing your diesel engine to load up and produce thick, black smoke – has become quite popular among the diesel truck crowd.

This isn’t specific to Ford trucks, as plenty of GM and Ram owners have trucks modified to smoke under hard throttle, but it has become a hot topic in the automotive community.

For reference, I have included a random video below, showing an F-350 rolling coal.

The folks who own and drive trucks built to create clouds of black smoke with the push of the pedal insist that it is a side effect of making big diesel power, and more importantly, they aren’t breaking any laws by doing it.

The folks who dislike this trend insist that rolling coal should be illegal, with stiff fines for those caught spewing soot on public roads.

Of course, there is also a “middle ground” group, with people who don’t feel strongly about it either way, but they don’t think that it should be illegal.

With this in mind, we come to our newest Question of the Week.

Should people caught rolling coal in their diesel truck by fined?

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