Question of the Week: New Bronco – Body on Frame or Unibody?

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While there really hasn’t been any official information from Ford Motor Company about the future of the Bronco, the latest Ford-UAW contract states that the Bronco and the Ranger will arrive at some time in the next few years. A rebirth of the Ford Bronco has been a hot topic since a stupid April Fool’s joke tricked a great many people into thinking that there was an F-150-based SUV coming last year, but with the details of the UAW contract comes hope that the Bronco will become a production reality – we just don’t know when.

bronco-2017_backProvided that the Ford Bronco does actually return in the next few years, we have our newest Question of the Week.

What do you want the next Bronco to be? A body-on-frame vehicle like the F Series and the Expedition or a unibody vehicle like the Ford Explorer?

While body-on-frame vehicles have typically been better suited for off-road purposes, unibody vehicles offer a better combination of ride quality and capabilities…so which would you prefer for the new Bronco?

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