Question of the Week: Is the Mysterious F-150 Test Truck a Hybrid?

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Earlier this week we brought you the news that a spy photographer had captured video footage of what he claimed was a new Ford F-150 hybrid test truck.

The video showed some odd breaks in the camouflage on the front fender and when the truck pulled away, it appears as though it moves a bit before we hear the engine start. The current F-150 has Start/Stop, but with that system, the engine fires as soon as you begin to lift your foot off the brake – not after the truck has rolled forward a bit.

Based on what little we can see, it seems feasible that the truck in the video is a F-150 hybrid, but with some skepticism, we wanted to see what the members here think.

In short, our Question of the Week wants to know if you think that this is indeed an F-150 hybrid test truck?

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