QOTW: What Kind of Tonneau Cover on Your Ford Truck?

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Do you have a tonneau cover on your Ford truck – if so, tell us what kind?

Tonneau covers are among the most popular aftermarket application in the truck segment. If you’re shopping for a cover for your Ford truck, there are lots of options on the market.

The most cost effective option is a soft tonneau cover. This is generally manufactured from canvas or faux leather, and it snaps and locks into place along the bedsides and the tailgate of your truck. Newer soft tonneau covers connect by means of a hinged framework, which makes them easier to move in a hurry when compared to rolling up a traditional soft tonneau. In addition to being the least expensive options, these soft covers are generally lighter than hard covers.

The more premium option for your Ford truck’s bed is a hard tonneau cover. Some hard covers are a one-piece design, are painted to match the truck, and supported by struts similar to the ones found under the hood. The other popular style is a multi-piece hinged design, which are often black and sit flush to the bed. While they aren’t body colored – they present a cleaner look than a cloth cover. More importantly, many of these hard covers have a locking feature, and since they cannot be cut like a cloth tonneau they offer far more security for your cargo.

The key downside of installing any kind of cover on your Ford truck is the expense, and some have to be painted to match the body color. Still, for some drivers it’s totally worth it.

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