Should Ford Have Waited to Roll Out Aluminum Bodies on the Super Duty?

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Ford Motor Company is taking what some consider to be a big risk by introducing the entire 2015 Ford F-150 lineup with new lightweight aluminum body panels.

While most people (like me) believe that Ford wouldn’t have introduced a new innovation like an aluminum body without being absolutely sure that it would work for consumers, some critics expect that the downsides will outweigh the upsides.

While it is not yet official, it is widely believed that the next generation Super Duty will also rely heavily on aluminum body panels and while the vast majority of F-150 pickups are used for little more than daily driving – Super Duty pickups are far more likely to face serious abuse. This kind of work rated abuse could be too much for the new aluminum bodies and that brings us to the Question of the Week.


Do you think that Ford should have waited to use the aluminum panels for the next generation Super Duty until a few years of use in the F-150?

Click here to head into the forums to tell us whether you think that it was a good idea for Ford Motor Company to introduce the aluminum body panels to the next generation Super Duty – or if you think that Ford should have waited to see how the aluminum bodies on the new F-150 met the market with a positive reception.



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