Add Ballast to Your Ford During Winter?

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Looking for Better Traction During Winter Driving? Is Adding Weight to the Bed the Best Option? Share Your Tips in the Forum

Winter is here and it’s your responsibility to make sure your Ford truck is up for Mother Nature’s challenges. That brings us to this week’s important question: Should you add ballast to your Ford during winter?

While getting gas yesterday, we saw two trucks in the same gas station with sand bags in the bed, and that got us wondering. How many people add ballast to the bed of their Ford truck to help improve cold weather traction?

This has traditionally been something that folks with rear-wheel drive vehicles have done to get better traction in snow. Having more weight over the drive wheels helps the vehicle dig through snow and slush more effectively. Therefore, the truck is more stable and safer to control. However, we have also seen 4WD truck owners add weight to the rear of the bed. This is to help get better traction when they are driving in rear-wheel drive mode only.

So for our newest “Question of the Week,” we want to know if you have before, currently do, or plan on adding ballast to the rear of your Ford? Keep in mind that adding ballast or having 4WD isn’t a replacement for proper winter tires. They are mere small tweaks to ensure a smoother take off.

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