QUESTION OF THE WEEK 5.0L V8 or 3.5L EcoBoost to Replace 6.2L Super Duty Engine?

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2015 super duty spread 600

The 2015 Ford Super Duty F-250 and F-350 are offered with the buyer’s choice of a 6.2L gasoline V8 or the turbocharged 6.7L PowerStroke diesel V8.

We can expect that there will always be a big, powerful PowerStroke diesel in the Super Duty lineup, but with the aging 6.2L V8 being removed from the F-150 lineup, you have to wonder how much longer this older V8 will continue on as the base engine in the F-250 and F-350.

This means that Ford will need to come up with a new base engine for the future Super Duty pickups and with that in mind, we come to our Question of the Week.

If Ford kills off the 6.2L V8 as the base engine in the Super Duty F-250 and F-350 pickups, which current F-150 engine do you think will become the new gasoline engine in the heavy duty trucks?

It is hard to imagine the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 powering such a large rig as the Ford Super Duty pickup, but the 3.5L EcoBoost has shown how good it really is in the previous half ton trucks. After all, this EcoBoost V6 yields the highest towing capacity of any F150 engine and with the Max Trailer Tow Package, the 3.5L twin turbo V6 falls only a few hundred pounds short of the towing numbers in the current F250 with the 6.2L V8.

On the other hand, the 5.0L V8 seems like a far more likely engine to serve as the base Super Duty engine, but that engine is quite a bit less capable than the 3.5L EcoBoost so while a V8 seems more fitting – the V8 would also come with some compromise in capabilities.

Click here to head into the forum to tell us which current F-150 engine you think is more likely to serve as a fitting replacement for the 6.2L V8 in the future Ford Super Duty.

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